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Who We Are?

A well-established Bengaluru-based full-service stockist and distribution company operating for the past 6 decades in India.

Smart Warehousing

Our warehousing system follows the norms of the ecosystem, (FIFO)which is 1st in and 1st out for Food Items. This makes the method workable. It enables us to hold out the business with hassle-free logistics.

Reliable Logistics

We own a new eco-friendly BS6 supply vehicle within the city at great speeds and provide logistic transportation services throughout Bengaluru.

Finance Resource Allocation

We provide Financial resources that help in maintaining the required inventory, ensuring the optimal fulfilment of the order.

Marketing Support

We help in aiding newer brands in registering their products to the shelves of our vendors.

Why Choose Us ?

Vast Experience and Knowledge

With over 40 years of expertise in the retail market and an extensive business network, we are at the forefront of the stocking and distribution business.

Strategic Location

Our Central warehouse is located at the periphery of the city in a junction with good connectivity to major highways and inner-city regions. This central facility has a storage capacity of 2-3 thousand sq. feet which is divided amongst 4 floors of space.We have allocated space for our partnered brands in an optimized manner by keeping in mind with their market demands. The Warehouse’ location in industrial layout allows for uninterrupted accessibility for heavy freight vehicles allowing.

Dynamic and Streamlined Warehouses

Our Warehouse processes are designed for reliability and efficient operations, which makes the entire distribution, supply chain management, and logistics process very quick and accurate across all the verticals. The processes are constantly updated based on Market research, Best practices, and Industry trends.

Efficient Fleet of Vehicles

We maintain a fleet of cargo vehicles with varying load capacities and latest technologies such as GPS systems to enable timely deliveries to the vendors and simultaneously reduce the impact on the environment. Diverse set of vehicles gives our logistics team flexibility to fulfil orders of different volumes efficiently.

On-Time Delivery

Our persistence to supply the products on time has ensured a 90-100% success rate with our vendors. Because of this success rate, we built a great alliance with our vendors and are the most sought-after distributors on our vendor’s list.

Dedicated and Flexible Team

We have a hardworking team that provides a personal approach by taking responsibilities and working around the clock to ensure they fulfil orders in time. Our work times are flexible, and we have teams working in shifts to ensure that the delivery of the orders is met.

Integrated Distribution Process

Our processes integrates from the beginning moments as we receive a purchase order and goes till the end of the execution to sign-off. The distribution process is straightforward. We receive a purchase order from our vendor; our staff picks the orders from the inventory and then packages them for delivery to vendor’s doorstep.

Adaptability to Newer Retail Models

Our operations have been adapted to cater to the needs of new upcoming retail models. Lately, we have been successfully catering to the needs of main giants in modern retail such as DMART,AMAZON, FLIPKART

Our Mission

  • Be a constant source of support to the loved retail brands and ensure that their supply chain is undisturbed.

  • Ensure that the shelves are never empty, and customers don’t return back the retailers disappointed

  • Evolve every day as an organization to operate better and offer our services for competitive prices to retail brands.

Our Mission

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